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Dedicated to:

My parents, the late Mr. Ezekiel Paul Ram and my mother, the late Mrs. Satyawati Dass Ram; 

















My maternal aunt (mother’s younger sister), the late Miss Mary Dass;  

















My elder brother, the late Mr. George Vibhu Dan Ram.





A world where people of good character and moral values rule the nations and provide good governance, democracy, rule of law, and general wellbeing, where no person is left behind,


A world where love, equality, justice, peace, harmony, human rights, and happiness prevail.


To help reform and build a better world, based on Christian moral values and social practices, for the children and youth of the world.

Jeffrey Ram with his wife, Dr. Griselda Ram.


Jeffrey Ram, the Editor-in-Chief of the Reform Advocate, was born in Vrindaban, India, and grew up in Mathura, and Jhansi. He graduated with M.A. (Hist), and LL.B. degrees from Lucknow University, an M.Phil. (Int. Relations) from Jawaharlal Nehru University, and a B.Ed. from the University of Toronto.

In Lucknow, Ram was a member of the executive council of the Lucknow University Students Union and was cultural convenor. He taught history at the Lucknow Christian College of Lucknow University.

In New Delhi, Ram was a research scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University and a member of the JNU Students Union Executive Council. He was also in charge of administration and publications of the Indian Youth Congress.

Ram with Prime Minister Indira Gandhi at an Indian Youth Congress conference


He immigrated to Canada in 1974. As the founder-president of the Canadian Council for Racial Harmony, Ram organized many public meetings and demonstrations to raise racism related concerns of South Asians.

CCRH successfully lobbied with the Toronto Transit Corporation (TTC)  to put telephones in subway stations, emergency help strips in the subways, and mechanism to enable the bus and streetcar drivers to call police and ambulance services. CCRH also lobbied the Toronto police department to appoint ethnic police officers to liaise with South Asian and other visible minority groups which led to the formation of ethnic squads. 

In partnership with the Toronto Board of Education, CCRH formed the South Asian Origins Liaison Committee to solve the problems faced by South Asian children from Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Ram served as secretary of SAOLC, and as a member of the Toronto Board’s Subcommittee on Race Relations. The SAOLC and Toronto Board also organized a parents’ conference at Central Technical Institute which was attended by more than twelve hundred people.

Beside serving as secretary of the India Canada Association, Indian Immigrant Aid Services, National Association of Canadians of Origins in India (NACOI)-Toronto chapter, Ram was also a member of the board of directors of the Urban Alliance on Race Relations, and the first coordinator of the Council of National Ethnocultural Organizations (later renamed as the Canadian Ethnocultural Council). 

As Co-Vice-Chair of the Committee for Charter of Rights with the former Human Rights Commissioner of Ontario, Bromley Armstrong, under the chairmanship of Rev. Roland de Corneille, M.P., Ram was actively involved in collecting over five thousand signatures on a petition that was presented to then Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau urging him to include the Charter of Rights in the Canadian constitution. The Charter of Rights and Freedoms was included in the Canadian Constitution in 1982.

Ram with Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau at the time of presenting the petition


He was a member of the Political Action committee of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF)-Toronto District and its delegate to the Toronto and York Region Labour Council.  As co-chair of the Equity Committee of the Labour Council, Ram organized a community and town hall meeting to oppose the racialization of poverty, and successfully initiated a collective plan of action.

Ram received a believers’ baptism from the late Rev. Paul B. Smith at the People’s Church. He and his wife attend Baptist and Pentecostal churches.

As a first-generation immigrant, Ram feels the pain immigrants go through. Ram operated a small business for many years. He retired as a high school teacher from the Toronto District School Board. Ram believes that Christian moral values can help reform and build a better world by promoting general wellbeing.



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