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A World where people of good character, rule the nations and provide good governance, the welfare of the state, democracy, rule of law and general wellbeing.  A world where love, equality, justice, peace, harmony, human rights and happiness prevail.


To help build a better world based on good moral values and social practices, for the children and youth of tomorrow who are like our grandchildren. 

Jeffrey Ram: Editor And Chief


About Me

Just a little bit about me.

I'm a freelance writer and journalist, who just enjoys writing about the world and the current events/ affairs of the world.  I also write about Christian topics separately.  This is more of a passion project where I write blogs.   Feel free to look at any blogs I have written.  I encourage you to read any of my blogs, I usually write about one per week.

Have a great day and keep and keep reading.

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Jeffery Ram 

Chief Editor | Columnist 

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