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Christian Minorities Empowerment - 5 And 10 Year Plans

The winners accept the short-term pain of learning, education, training, and apprenticeship for the long-term gain of high achievement.

Written by: Jeffrey S. Ram, Toronto, Canada, January 19, 2021

Christian minorities can reduce their weak status and vulnerability to violence by their socio-economic empowerment. A high and better position can enable them to manage their difficulties more successfully. PREREQUISITES FOR SELF-EMPOWERMENT

1. Having a burning desire to change one’s conditions and circumstances and willingness to pay the price by working hard 2. Sacrificing instant gratification in favour of delayed gratification 3. Family’s readiness to cooperate and work as a team 4. Willingness to take well-calculated risks 5. Learning about successful people in the chosen field, and having them as role models. If possible, getting work or an apprenticeship or training under one of the role models.


People who are already in the workforce and are eager to improve their lot can gain extra and specialized knowledge and skills either in the area of their current work or in some other area of their interest. This improvement can be made by attending classes part-time while working full-time or attending school full-time and working part-time. Similarly, a part-time or full-time apprenticeship under an expert in the area of interest will also teach the necessary skills. Moreover, there are many courses available online-some free and some paid. Google and YouTube offer many free lessons. Public libraries are a great learning resource. The five-year plan of formal and informal learning can be initiated at any time in life.

The pursuit of excellence will develop the person as an expert and excellent worker. Those who are interested in starting their own business should gain some experience in that business first.


A student’s main job is to study. Those who do not study sincerely are not students. They are time and life wasters. The world is very competitive, and the sooner the students focus on their studies, the better for them. The early beginners will have an advantage over the late starters. Learners lay a strong foundation by doing well in high school.

The ten-year plan begins in grade nine. If the students concentrate on their studies and their career for the next ten years, they can emerge as successful professionals or business owners.

Besides choosing a career, young people make two more essential choices in life during this stage. They choose the moral path for their character. They decide between the good values or the evil ways for their lifestyle. They also select a life-partner. Selecting a compatible and right marriage-partner is very important. All three choices are vital for a successful and happy life.

Boys and girls should think of marriage only after completing their education and establishing themselves in a career. Romantic entanglements interfere with studies.


1. The individuals should have a burning desire to achieve some goal and gain specialized professional knowledge, skills, or trade. It is hard for teenagers to choose a career goal at an early age. They should begin with three or four options and have a strong foundation in the critical subject areas for entrance purposes. The students can make a final decision when they know what they want and what they enjoy doing.

2. The students should be willing, able, and determined to pay the price.

3. They should make a definite plan to achieve that goal. The daily, weekly, monthly, and annual plans should lead to the ultimate goal.

4. Without action, the goals are merely dreams. Persistent action in the direction of the goal/s according to the plan is crucial to success.

5. Goals, plans, and actions must be monitored regularly and modified if required.

6. Patience is also necessary.

7. Good preparation for all interviews is essential.

Remember, the cream always rises to the top. Always.

Short-term pain for the long term-gain

The Greek philosopher Aristotle (384-322 BCE) rightly said, “The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.” Muhammad Ali, a world boxing champion, admitted, “I hated every minute of my training. But I said, ‘don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion’.” The winners accept the short-term pain of learning, education, training, and apprenticeship for the long-term gain of high achievement.


Note: The blog entitled “Marriage-Partner Selection Criteria For A Happy Life ” will be published on February 9, 2021. St. Valentine’s Day is on February 14.

The blog entitled “Winners’ Qualities for Empowerment” will be published on February 16, 2021


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