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Winners’ Qualities For Empowerment -Part 1

Written by: Jeffrey S. Ram, Toronto, Canada, February 16, 2021

The definitions and explanations of “winners” and “empowerment” will differ according to the individual differences in circumstances and points of view. However, for most disadvantaged religious and racial minorities, a winner is a person who succeeds in achieving social and economic power that provides security to him and his family from hostile actions by hatemongers and bigots.

Heredity and environment have a significant influence on the development of individuals, their personalities, and character. Even hereditary talents need proper training to cultivate and develop them. Many character qualities can be acquired and nurtured.


1. Faith in God and the power of prayer: What is faith? According to Bible (Hebrew 11:1), “Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.” Lord Jesus Christ assured, “All things are possible with God.” (BIBLE, Mark 10:23) Successful people do their best and leave the rest to God.

2. Education, knowledge, skills, and experience: Superior knowledge, training, and abilities prepare a person for action, which is the final test of plans. These qualities help make the right decisions, set realistic goals and make detailed plans to reach those goals.

3. Balance in personal life, family, and career or business: Balance means personal life, family, and profession or business have the right amount of importance and influence. Family is the top priority. People should set goals and make plans by keeping the priorities straight.

4 Intelligence and common sense: These qualities are necessary for:

A. Deciding goals and definite purpose: A well-defined objective and purpose determine the direction of one’s life.

B.Making definite short term and long-term plans with time limits to accomplish the desired goals: Wise people think and plan before acting.

C.Having flexibility in goals and plans: The goals and strategies are modified, refined, and improved if required.

5. Habit of prompt and fast action: Prompt and immediate action enables a person to make quick and successful use of time and opportunity.

6. Focus and concentration of efforts: Successful people focus their attention on the goal and concentrate on it with single-mindedness.

7. Initiative and Drive: People with initiative can see what needs to be done, and they are the first to do it intelligently and efficiently. The drive is the powerful desire or feeling that encourages and motivates people to act in particular ways.

8. Persistence and Patience: Persistent people continue to do their work with determination even though it is difficult or other people are against it. People with patience wait calmly for something or do very difficult or uninteresting work without complaining or giving up.

9. Health sense: High achievers take care of their physical and mental health. Good health requires healthy food, physical exercise, proper sleep, and avoidance of unnecessary stress.

10. Efficient time and money management: People who make efforts for advancement know that time is life and make the best use of their time. Winners understand that money gives freedom and security, and it is also required to start any enterprise or undertaking. The English poet Lord Byron rightly remarked, “Ready money is Aladdin’s lamp.” Winners know the value of time and money and manage both very efficiently.

11. Competent, Conscientious, and responsible: Competent people have the ability, knowledge, and skill to do their work efficiently and effectively. Conscientious and responsible people do their work carefully and correctly. They control themselves and their conduct, take responsibility for their actions and are answerable for that.

12. Ability to select the right life-partner: This is one of the most significant life decisions. People desiring a happy married life choose their partners after careful consideration. Learn more from


Successful people achieve destiny and do not leave it to chance. People are the architects of their good or bad fate. Losers blame their luck for their failure. Winners shape and take control of their future and destiny. THOSE WHO ASPIRE TO BE WINNERS AND ADVANCE IN LIFE SHOULD TAKE CONTROL OF THEIR FATE AND DESTINY.

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